BCWD COVID-19 ADVISORY (May 29, 2020)

Advice on the safe use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers

To protect yourself and others against COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises on the safe use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. It says clean your hands frequently and thoroughly. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water. If you use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, make sure you use and store it carefully.
o Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizers out of children’s reach. Teach them how to apply the sanitizer and monitor its use.
o Apply a coin-sized amount on your hands. There is no need to use a large amount of the product.
o Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose immediately after using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, as it can cause irritation.
o Hand sanitizers recommended to protect against COVID-19 are alcohol-based and therefore can be flammable. Do not use before handling fire or cooking.
o Under no circumstance, drink or let children swallow an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It can be poisonous.
o Remember that washing your hands with soap and water is more effective against COVID-19.
Be safe everyone! Follow the aforementioned health and safety precautionary measures.

Meanwhile, concessionaires can check their water bill through online billing by accessing the online billing services of BCWD at its official website www.bcwd.gov.ph/obi/.

For those applying for new water connection can access the online application and seminar for new connection at the BCWD official website at www.bcwd.gov.ph/nsc to minimize the congestion of people visiting the office of BCWD.

For more information, customers are advised to call the BCWD Call Center at 09189304234 / 09171888726 / (085) 3423145 / 46; 3416373 / 74 or leave / send a personal message (PM) at the official Facebook page of the Butuan City Water District.

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Last Update: May 30, 2020